Trinity Sunday

The Rev. Noel Bordador

One of the leading theologians of our time, Leonardo Boff, once wrote a book called Holy Trinity, Perfect Community (1988). The God we worship is not a God who lives alone in some pie in the sky. Rather, the God we worship is a community, or as Leonardo Boff said, a “communion” of persons- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- three persons perfectly bound and knit together into one community. God is a community. God is a communion of three distinct yet equal persons, bound together in perfect justice so that there is no inequality between the three but only equality. The three are united together by perfect love that each person are bound to the other person by mutuality, respect, and deep communion. They are three yet one not only in their divine nature but as one perfect community.

            We believe that humans are created in the image of God. In the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, we read of the creation of the first human beings with God saying “Let us make [humanity] in our image, after our likeness.” (Gen 1:26) Then God created first Adam and then Eve as a companion because God thought that it was not good for one human being to live alone and lonely but in a community. The story contains the truism that God created us in his image in that we are intended to live in a community, not alone and not lonely, and to relate to one another in the spirit of unity in our diversity, in the spirit of equality and mutuality, in the spirit of respect and self-giving. 

            The difficulty is that our brokenness and the sin is us often alienate us one from another. Our community- whatever form it may take- is sometimes often broken by disunity due to self-centeredness, unhealthy conflicts and division. There is injustice, violence and inequality in many of our communities, and we all fail in our calling to image in our lives the perfect community we call God the Trinity.

            As a Church, we exists primarily as God’s Sign, a sacrament, if you will, of God’s intention for humanity. The Church, is first and foremost, a community created by God with the purpose of witnessing to God’s intention in creation that human being live not as lonely individuals, alone, but to live, as much as possible, in a community of love and justice. The Church, then, must be a place where people find community, where people are able to relate one to another with mutual respect, each treated fairly and equally, the diversity affirmed without harm to the unity of the people. But I do know that even we as a Church are able to accomplish this perfectly amidst the conflict and division among us. But we try even as we sometimes fail. We try to live up to what it means to be the image of God the Trinity. Despite our rather lame results, I think what the Church, what we offer the world is a vision of how people must live- not only co-existing or barely tolerating one another- but to try to live together as one in our diversity.

            The primary sign which this Church offers is what happens around the Table of the Lord. Here, all of us,  people of diverse background, of different political beliefs, or different class background, and even of different cultures and language, come together in our diversity with the intention of meeting each other in the spirit of love and equality. Despite our differences, and our conflicts and quarrels, we come as one community at this Table where we visibly become the image of that perfect Community we call God the Trinity.